Comedian Norm MacDonald Accused of Making Disparaging Remarks During Apology for
Earlier Disparaging Remarks

Originally Published: September 12, 2018

Comedian Norm MacDonald, who had an appearance on the Tonight Show cancelled after he made remarks appearing to disparage the #MeToo movement, is in trouble again after he made remarks in his apology for the original remarks that appeared to disparage the handicapped.

After seeming to have been arguing that victims of reported sexual assault or inappropriateness only suffered once but the perpetrators will continue to suffer from the damage to their reputation, McDonald said yesterday that “you’d have to have Down Syndrome” to not see the value of #MeToo, sparking a new round of outrage.

It is uncertain if there will be further repercussions from these latest remarks, or if the controversy will fade from memory as the next scandal, whatever that may be, takes over the news cycle.

UPDATE: Minutes after the above story was published, a spokesman for Norm Macdonald issued a statement saying “Mr. Macdonald apologizes for his reference to people with Down Syndrome, and fully realizes that they need to be treated with the same respect as other less weird-looking people”. After reporters attending the press conference expressed their shock at this comment, a second spokesman took over the mike and apologized for the first spokesman’s apology for MacDonald’s original apology. This second spokesman told reporters that the first spokesman had been under a lot of strain lately, and that this explained why he had been “rambling on like a drunken Indian.”

ST will continue to monitor developments in this story.

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